Local Lore, launched in 2021, is a civic engagement project started by current and former Acton-Boxborough residents and their friends. In a collective, intergenerational effort, we're compiling an archive exploring the stories behind Boxborough's street names to document our area's heritage and preserve oral history.

We chose to investigate street names in order to better understand how our communities honor the people and stories of their past. To highlight those stories, we are currently building an online archive on this site.


We also hope to honor indigenous history through this project; please reach out to us if you have suggestions on resources or stories that we can include. We welcome your contributions and feedback as we continue this project.


This site is dedicated to George Krusen, a long term Boxborough resident and dear friend, whose passion for history has inspired our own. 



We would like to thank the following people and organizations who have generously shared advice, time, and resources. Without them, Local Lore would not be possible.

George Krusen

Alan Rohwer

Jeanne Kangas

John Fallon

Boxborough Historical Commission

Boxborough Historical Society

We would also like to extend a special thank you to our Spring 2021 Interns, including Amelia Kim (AB ‘22) and Ashley Dawn (AB ‘22).

Land Acknowledgement

We would like to acknowledge that the land we are researching is the original homelands of the Pawtucket, the Nipmuc, and the Massa-adchu-es-et (Massachusett) tribes. We would like to honor the land itself and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations. To learn about the indigenous history of the land where you live, check out this open source resource.

Who We Are


Ianka Bhatia is a long-time Boxborough resident and an Acton-Boxborough alumnus. She studied International Relations - Political Science at Wellesley College, and currently works at the intersection of technology and government affairs.

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Amelie Lasker is an Acton-Boxborough alumnus. She studied English Literature and History at Columbia University and English Literature at the University of Cambridge. Now, she’s a writer and teacher living in New York City.


Simone Liano is from Rochester, New York. She studied Neuroscience and Economics at Wellesley College. Currently, she lives in California and works in clean energy innovation.

About Civic Collective

Local Lore is a project under the larger umbrella of The Civic Collective, Inc. Civic Collective is an organization which aims to support civic engagement through education, training, community building efforts, and project facilitation. Civic Collective is also run by Ianka, Simone, and Amelie.